A Rainbow for my Minions

Oh minions, dear minions, how I have missed you so.

I am sorry for not posting lately. I can offer you a lot of excuses but it’s ok not to care. You’re busy, I know that. You’re also awesome, did you know that? I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Those of you that read this blog, thank you. I hope you get a chuckle or two, maybe a laugh, a new perspective on an old situation and inspiration to let your own inner RAWR out once in a while (I promise, your RAWR will thank you). Hard as I may try, I can’t guarantee any of that will happen.

Over the last couple years, during this unexpected sabbatical, I’ve come to appreciate even more what you mean to me. You inspire me. You give these words purpose. You push me to learn more, know more, grow more and love more.

Thank you for still coming here day in and day out whether I’ve posted or not. That makes you awesome in my book. I’m finally getting (again?) to a place in my life where I can put some time and thought into this thing called RAWR and hope I don’t disappoint you.

I also have a little bit of of good news to share. (Of course I’m saving the best for last!) In July of 2013 I found myself staring down the end of a pregnancy test that read POSITIVE! After 10 months of terror, delight and worry, in March of 2014 I brought a handsome & healthy little guy into this world! For our purposes his name is Bear. I’ve grown and learned so much in Bear’s first 9 months on this planet. I’ve also honed my sarcasm stick and bullshit meter with months of sleep deprivation. I greatly look forward to sharing my insights with you as we all RAWR together.



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